5 Drugs Used To Create Super-Soldiers

Even though Super-Soldiers might sound like a bad narrative from a sci-fi film, they are more real than ever in a world obsessed with technological and biological advancement. Forget about crazy scientists in abandoned castles.

These drugs are real, and they really work too. These drugs aren’t locked away in Area 51 type secret government bases either, a lot of these drugs are actually available right now for anyone to buy.

1. XBD173: Anxiety Killer

Shell shock, post-traumatic stress, different names, but the same meaning. XBD173 is a drug that can not only eradicate anxiety and fear, but it can do it instantly without any side effects or withdrawal symptoms. In total, 1 in 8 soldiers, who’ve fought in the Iraq war, have post-traumatic stress disorder, which is over 10% of the armed forces. Removing anxiety would create fearless and unstoppable soldiers who wouldn’t be affected by any of the war’s brutalities or cruelties.

2. Provigil: No More Sleep

Imagine a soldier that didn’t need to sleep or rest half as much as a ‘normal’ soldier did? Entirely possible with Provigil (AKA Modafinil), which was initially created to deal with narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness. The drug radically improves work rate and alertness, which means even with less sleep or rest, a soldier can work harder and more effectively.

3. D-IX: Nazi Cocaine

D-IX is a cocaine based drug initially created by the Nazis under Hitler’s evil reign. Criminologist and expert Wolf Kemper said, “It was Hitler’s last secret weapon to win a war he had already lost long ago.” The drug was initially tested on prisoners at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp; they were given 20kg packs to carry and which marched with for 90km without rest.

4. Valproic Acid: Super Survivors

When a soldier suffers an injury that causes rapid blood loss, the body’s reaction is to go into shock which will sustain life for a short time, however, if the body stays in shock for more than a short time, it can lead to organ failure, and death can soon follow. Valproic acid causes 87% of blood loss victims to survive (well in cows at least), which means that it could be possible to survive for prolonged hours after a bad injury.

5. Select Androgen Receptor Modulators: Instant Muscle Mass

Anabolic steroids are simply concentrated amounts of testosterone that rapidly build muscle mass, but scientists have never been able to completely rid undesired side effects, until now. SARMs are a new and improved version of anabolic steroids that allows huge muscle growth without any side effects. While a potential super-soldier wouldn’t be the size of the Incredible Hulk, or nearly as green, this almost overnight treatment could turn a scrawny bunch of boys into a bulky troop of men.

Steroids Are Safe When Used Properly

The use of steroids is surrounded by a number of issues. For one, a lot would argue regarding its tendency to be addictive, whereas in other cases, people claim that it is a form of cheating in terms of building and gaining muscle weight. However, the most critical concern about steroids is probably its safeness.

There are now some health conditions that are attributed to steroid use, but it seems that not a lot of people are aware of the risks that come with using these compounds.

Thus, hearing the opinions of experts, users, and other individuals can be effective in enlightening most people, whether using steroids is apt for them or not.

For new steroid users, most of them claim that they should work out for a few first before they can start using such compounds. However, in reality, if they wait it out, they may be already too busy with their work or families, and chances of getting to use steroids decrease.

Meanwhile, some do not really pay attention to the proper use and dosage of steroids, especially when the users are still young. Though steroids may have adverse effects on teens, for people in their 20s, using steroids may prove beneficial as long as it is done properly. In fact, instead of delaying steroid treatment, people should just be informed regarding the cycles followed for steroid administration and educate them properly regarding the pros and cons of these compounds.

On the other hand, a lot of people think that steroids are addictive. However, there are some people who managed to use such supplements and were successful in weaning themselves from such products. Thus, basically, quitting the use of steroids depends from person to person. Those who are already satisfied with the benefits they gained may already stop, whereas others may think that steroids should be a constant part of their bodybuilding development. Still, all users should realize that there is only a specific amount of steroids that their bodies can handle.

Other people argue that potential steroid users should wait before taking the compounds in order to let their hormones do their work in the body. This is especially true in men in their 20s. According to some studies, the optimum age for steroid use in men is 26. The danger of using steroids at a young age is that the body may think that it has already reached the maturity stage. Thus, the adjustment in testosterone levels will no longer occur even after steroidal use. Though this case may not be accurate in all cases, it is plausible and thus must be considered by men before they start using steroids.

Some people who started using steroids during their teenage years claim that it caused specific, irreversible effects on their body, especially bone height. Others also reported particular damage to their tendons, resulting in pain in various parts of the body.

According to several individuals, years of training bears no relevance with age after reaching the mid 20s. However, better outcomes may be noted depending on the years of training compared when a person does not train at all. In addition, indeed, the body can only handle a specific amount of steroids, and the introduction of such compounds may cause imbalance. However, for older men, especially those in their 40s, using steroids may prove to be beneficial, given that their natural hormone levels are already declining.

Another important thing that all steroid users should be aware of is the risks associated with the use of such compounds. Thus, it should be their goal to at least minimize the side effects or health conditions that may result from their use of steroids.

Aside from age, the brands of steroids used also contribute to the safeness of their use. There are the so-called “safe” roids or legal steroids, and there are also products that are highly dangerous to humans. Some would recommend Anavar or Andriol to beginners.

Others recommend checking for their testosterone levels first before using steroids. This is a logical practice given that there’s no use taking in more hormones if the body has sufficient levels of it.